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Baby Massage

With Gail

Baby massage is a lovely way to spend time with your baby, and a great way to connect with other parents. Research shows baby massage also may help improve your baby's sleep, help you communicate better with your baby and help with the symptoms of wind and constipation. 

Over the five sessions you'll learn a series of strokes to massage your baby from head to toe.

Gail is an NCT trained baby massage facilitator and part of the Birth and Beyond Collective of NCT trained practitioners offering classes across the UK

5 week course of one hour sessions suitable for babies aged 6 weeks - crawling -

£50 - in-person classes, £35 zoom classes

 To see course starting dates and venue click book now


Baby and child first aid

With Liz

This is a non-certificated workshop which aims to give parents and carers of babies and young children the confidence to deal calmly with emergency situations.

The main focus of the workshop is on young babies. However, CPR and management  of choking in children up to the age of puberty is also covered. The workshop is interactive and teaching activities include videos, demonstrations,  quizzes and class discussions. 

The session covers many aspects of first aid including CPR and the management of choking in babies and children, croup, bumps and broken bones, allergic reactions, burns, bleeds and meningitis, fever and febrile seizures.

Liz has a background in healthcare and completed her First Aid training qualifications with Nuco Training. 

This 2.5 hour workshop is suitable for mums, dads, grandparents and anyone else who is interested in baby first aid - £20 per person / £30 for two people attending on one screen. 

This workshop is currently being delivered on Zoom

Next course dates coming soon

Mums2be workshop

With Gail and Liz

You've prepared for the birth - now prepare for the baby!

This fun, sociable and practical workshop is your one-stop-shop for all your  baby care questions and covers all your questions about sleep, giving your baby a bath, changing nappies, soothing your baby and the benefits of using slings. We give you evidence based information to help you make informed decisions about how you want to care for your baby. There will also be opportunities to chat with other mums to be.

This is a 3.5 hour workshop for mums to be £22

To see course dates click book now 

At present this workshop is being delivered on Zoom


Starting Solids Workshop

With Gail and Liz

This course is for anyone thinking about starting to give their baby solid foods. 

We recognise that this can be a confusing time for parents. This fun and practical workshop will help you work out fact from fiction when it comes to starting solids and help you answer questions like:

- what is the difference between baby led weaning and spoon feeding?

- how do I start introducing solids to my baby?

- how do I know when my baby is ready for solids?

- what about milk feeds?

This is a 2.5 hour workshop - babies are very welcome

This workshop is currently being delivered by zoom

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About Us

Gail Stark

Liz Foster

I have been providing antenatal and postnatal support for families in Edinburgh for over 8 years. I am a busy mum to 3 boys and started working with new parents after my third child was born. I love working with new parents and helping them on their parenting journey.

I am mum to two grown up children. My background is in nursing and midwifery. I started to work with parents after the birth of my first child and have been working with new parents in Edinburgh for many years. I find working with new parents very rewarding and am looking forward to meeting you on a Baby days course.


I facilitate the Baby days Baby Massage course, the Mums2be workshop and am currently developing the Introduction to solids class.

I am an NCT trained facilitator in Antenatal Education and Baby Massage and part of the Birth and Beyond Collective of NCT trained practitioners offering classes across the UK.

I facilitate the Mums2be and Baby and Child First Aid workshops and am currently developing the introduction to solids class. I am an NCT trained facilitator in Antenatal Education and a qualified first aid trainer with Nuco training.




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